Traction Elevators

About Traction Elevators

Description: This application utilizes a Drive Sheave, Motor, Ropes, and Counterweight, thereby eliminating the use of hydraulics. This application can be used for front openings as well as front and rear opening configurations. The Drive Sheave is specially designed to create Traction. The grooves are shaped like a “V” to grip the ropes. “Geared” means there is a Gear Box, called a Machine, which interfaces with the Drive Sheave and Electric Motor. Several Rope / Sheave arrangements are available to accommodate different project requirements. The geared machine, along with the related drive equipment, is generally located above the Hoistway in a “penthouse” machine room.

Advantages: There is no risk of oil contamination in the ground. This design offers almost unlimited Travel. Traction car speeds are typically much faster than those of hydraulic applications. A wide range of capacities are available: this design will accommodate low capacity passenger cars and high capacity freight cars. Because of the counterweight arrangement, power efficiency is greater than that of a Hydraulic application.

Disadvantages: The material cost and the installation time are substantially higher when compared to any of the Hydraulic applications. There are structural building considerations, since all of the loading forces are hanging from the overhead. Elevator maintenance cost is generally higher (compared to Hydraulic elevators).

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