New Installations

When it comes to New Installations, we understand that time and cost can be of your biggest concerns.

drafting-team-smallCES specializes in the installation of non-proprietary equipment for both hydraulic and traction elevator systems, allowing flexibility to future upgrades without limiting your equipment to a single manufacturer. Our installations include commercial and industrial facilities for both new and existing buildings.

Complete Elevators installation crew undergoes continuous training to assure everyone working at your jobsite remain current with safety codes and technological advancements.

Our Supervisor Mechanics and Project Managers will work closely with you to help determine your equipment requirements and provide a detailed scope of work. Thereafter, a completion timeline is created and affordable pricing is given.

Complete Elevators dependable customer service combined with many years of experience, assures that your project(s) will be affordable, on-time, results that are absolutely astonishing.

Builder Responsibilities

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